Caltex Sole Destroyer

Caltex EC has been naming sponsor of this iconic race since 2012 and we are very proud to be a part of this popular event on the East London running calendar. The race is named after Chris Sole who (a school boy at the time) did a lot of his training in and around the Horseshoe Valley. The race follows some of his favourite tracks and is known for it’s tough but scenic route, and is considered by the Border running fraternity to be a true test of stamina and determination.
In 2013 a 9km race, the Sole Teaser, was introduced to cater for the many runners who find the shorter distance more suited to their current fitness levels. Sine 2018 this race has been sponsored by other entities, due to the increased popularity of both formats. 2019 sees the introduction of the 5km “Little Sole” for under 14-year olds. This age group are not permitted to take part in sanctioned events; but many of them are regularly running in the Caltex Time Trials on a Tuesday night. The Little Sole will be just for them – with those of 14 and older not being permitted to enter.
The 2019 race takes place on 15th September with the Little Sole taking place on 14th. Get up to date information and tips on the Caltex Sole Destroyer Facebook page or download and entry form here.

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